- News -

November 21, 2004:Miller and Osgood have closed on the station. They they intend on bringing it back to original condition. They are looking for photo's and any info as to what the platforms looked like. What they plan on doing is renting this out to a small company as an office. They have cleaned out all of the junk from the station, and cut down brush around the grounds. They plan on asking the town to place a streetlight on the pole next to the station to provide extra security.

November 10, 2004: I received an email from Bob Miller. He and his partner, Scott Osgood, are purchasing the station. They are expecting to close on November 18th.

October 12, 2003: We have been in contact with Mrs. Bergeron, of Newmarket. She and her husband are the current owners of Rockingham Junction and are very interested in our project. We had a phone conversation with Mrs. Bergeron last week discussing our Phase 1 projects such as painting and outdoor keep up of the station grounds. They are very excited about the project, and their only concern at the moment was insurance or a waver of liability incase of an accident at the site. This will be our next topic of discussion and focus.

May 12, 2003: New site design and more pages. We are currently working on the letter to the owner of the station to gain permission to begin restoration