- Mission Statement -

The mission of the group is to start a non-profit organization that will begin by first revitalizing the basic status symbol of the station. Phase one would begin by sanding and repainting the structure into its cream and red colors, followed by minor landscaping. Further phases would include working on the interior of the building, the roof, and to find new tenants or organizations that would benefit from the building.

Use paint chips, and paint cards from the Boston & Maine Historical Society and the station to produce an accurate color match.
Minor grounds work such as the Portsmouth branch platform, and the removal of small trees to the rear and sides.
Replacing the two semaphores that once guarded the Portsmouth branch.
Slate, or other roof material work.
Replacing of gutters, or downspouts.
Minor fill work around the foundation.
Clean up and repaint interior (Phase 2).
Have building placed on National Register of Historical Places.
Find a suitable organization to utilize the building.
Provide better parking for Railfans, trail users, and vehicles with snowmobile trailers.