Preserving the History of the Boston and Maine

Rockingham Junction, Built by the Boston and Maine Railroad, served as a major interchange for two of their lines in New Hampshire, the east-west Portsmouth Branch, and the north-south Portland Main Line.

The station at Rockingham Junction is located on the Newfields / Newmarket, with the town line running right through the center of the building. At one point Rockingham Junction was a busy location. The station itself had a platform that served both the Portland Main Line and the Portsmouth branch. At times even a large restaurant served the location.

The Rockingham Revitalization Group plans to begin restoration of this station and to return it to its former glory as a major station serving the Seacoast area. Paint, woodwork, and other hard work are a focus of the group and its members. Please feel free to join in and aid in the restoration of this historical station.